Not According to Plan

Ok, everyone; I was charged with writing an opening post for For Love of ABA & Football, to introduce you all to myself (Stephanie) and Liz and the idea behind our new blog. But, for those of you who don’t know me, I am a HUGE Denver Broncos fan and am feeling slightly less-than-chipper this morning. For the non-football fans out there…that’s because they lost a horribly painful game (in the Super Bowl, no less) last night. Let’s just say, their game did NOT go according to plan! And, thus, neither did my Sunday night.

But I digress…well, sort of…Liz and I did not decide to start a blog for Footsteps of Change simply so we could rant about disappointing football games; but we did envision a place for us to share our thoughts on ABA, the state of our field and the work being done, and our love for the families we serve, as well as our own personal passions (which, needless to say, include football!). We are both blessed beyond what we could have imagined to be able to run Footsteps in the way we know to be best and to be able to work with each other and the wonderful families and professionals we have already come to know in the life of our young company.

As entrepreneurs and behavior analysts, Liz and I have seen that things do not always go according to plan…and that’s OK. (Anyone who has known me for more than a few years knows how hard it is for me to say that deviation from “well laid plans” is ok, because I am/was a planner!) But I think there is something inherently optimistic and maybe a little naive to the reality of limitations in both of those titles that has led us to where we are and will carry us through to a greatness we might not even yet see. If we’re being honest, though, where we see our plans not quite playing out as originally envisioned, we are building something even greater and full of joy and passion than we would have had otherwise.

Now, don’t get me wrong…last night’s football game not going according to plan is NOT one of those things that I see working out for the best in the long run. That truly was a let down for me and probably a massive disappointment to the Denver players and coaches…that one simply needs to be chalked up to a failure to be learned from. In our real lives–you know, the ones where we are behavior analysts and friends and supporters to our clients and loved ones (as opposed to the fantasy lives of being personally involved in the success/failure of our respective favorite football teams)–we’re learning to love to see things go not according to plan and we’re thrilled for what the future brings for us (in work, life, and in football)!